Insights 4th June 2024 Building Biodiversity

At Workman-managed Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure in Cramlington, efforts to go green have seen the addition of rainwater harvesting and beehives, along with the propagation and sowing of all its own plants.

The team has also fitted guttering to three sections of roof, which collects rainwater into 500-litre water tanks. The harvested rainwater supply is then used water plants throughout the year, with a saving of approx. 800-1000 litres per week.

The scheme is self-sufficient with regards to growing its own plants, from planting 1500 bulbs two years ago, to sowing approx. 3,000 seeds per year, which the team grows on site using hydroponics and grow lights.

Meanwhile, two beehives have been installed on site with the goal of helping pollination in the local area, as well as supplying a small amount of honey to colleagues.

Last year saw the team winning a silver gilt for from Northumbria in Bloom. This commendation acknowledged the high standards of horticulture, innovative projects, community involvement and environmental responsibility demonstrated by the team while enhancing the aesthetics of the shopping centre.

“The Silver Gilt Award is a testament to the hard work, dedication and creativity displayed by the Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure team,” said Nick Lambert, Manor Walks’ Centre Manager. “We have strived to create an environment that promotes sustainability, environmental responsibility and a sense of pride in our shopping centre. This recognition from Northumbria in Bloom encourages us to continue enhancing our efforts and pursuing even higher standards in the future.”

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