News 19th April 2023 Building Biodiversity

Workman’s Birmingham team spent a day in the garden last week, building biodiversity as volunteers with nationwide charity Thrive.

Twenty Workman employees volunteered at Thrive’s Birmingham gardens. There, the team tried their hands at painting, digging, jet-washing, weeding and planting.

The group consisted of property managers, facilities managers and building surveyors. They all benefited from a day of team building outdoors in the fresh air, while also giving back to their local community.

Marcus Singh, Assistant Management Surveyor at Workman, one of the volunteers and is also the charity representative at the firm’s Birmingham office, said: “The day consisted of lots of fun and laughter, along with lots of gardening, and I’m confident that everyone enjoyed the experience. The day allowed us to team build, and learn new skills through jobs we wouldn’t usually do on a day-to-day basis. We were all glad that our input will make a difference to our community. Thrive’s gardens were beautiful to work in and the weather was also on our side throughout the day. We would like to thank Thrive for welcoming us so warmly.”

Thrive offers therapeutic gardening programmes to people with a defined health, social or educational need. Thrive has been using social therapeutic horticulture and gardening to change people’s lives since 1979.

Find out more about the charity here.