News 10th July 2023 apprenticeship

Joe Orrell, Apprentice Building Surveyor, is currently in the fourth and final year of his apprenticeship with Workman. Joe was recently invited to Reading to speak at UCEM, where he gave a presentation on life as an Apprentice Surveyor.

Based in our Newcastle office, Joe has been enrolled at the University College of Estate Management (UCEM) since September 2019.

Last year, Joe was elected as Lead Student Representative. The role involves hosting monthly meetings with other student representatives. Joe will gather feedback and share this to relevant parties who can implement change.

As a keen supporter of the degree apprenticeship pathway, Joe says: “I feel that the degree apprenticeship pathway is a vital training platform as it will reduce the skills gap present in the built environment and create more experienced, well-rounded professionals. Workman and UCEM’s partnership has allowed me to gain the vital experience and academic knowledge required to undertake a wide range of instructions. Meanwhile, it has given me crucial life experience, which I know will prove extremely valuable in my future career.”

Joe has held the UCEM role for one year. During this time he has used his platform as Lead Student Representative to improve the network between students. He has also encouraged collaboration that students often miss out when studying remotely. This has been achieved by improving the careers platform and introducing new initiatives that improve the student and apprenticeship experience.

Joe continues to work closely with the UCEM Student & Registry Services Department. This is until his role comes to an end this summer. He will then subsequently assist in recruiting his replacement.