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James Taylor, Partner in Workman’s Retail and Leisure team, who has been involved with Revo for the past 25 years, was named as a judge for the upcoming Revo Awards.

Here, James outlined his work with the trade organisation and how it helped him share knowledge and experience for the benefit of colleagues and clients at Workman.

As a judge for the upcoming Revo awards, James Taylor, Partner in the Workman Retail & Leisure team, judged entries for Revo’s Centre Management Team of the Year. The deadline for submissions was 29 September, with awards presented in a ceremony on 6 December.

Find out more about how to enter here: The Revo’s – Revo Community

James’s involvement with Revo stretched back over a quarter of a century. As a long-term member of Revo and its predecessor, the British Council of Shopping Centres, James had been involved with the organisation for more than 25 years. He had been speaking at industry events and contributing to committees. For the past six of those, James had been a serving member of the Revo Property Management Committee.

“This particular committee brought together property management leaders, clients, and lawyers on a quarterly basis to discuss issues affecting shopping centres and retail parks. Topics for discussion ran the gamut from sustainability and EPCs, through marketing strategies, to gender issues faced by shopping centres when organising their facilities,” James explained.

Even at the peak of Covid, committee members met online to discuss the retail industry’s broader situation and collaborate on addressing shared issues.

“We were all feeding into what each of us was doing, in terms of rules for social distancing, creating spaces for click-and-collect, all of which saved an awful lot of time for us. It was a completely new world for everybody,” James said.

Having gone through the experience of the pandemic together, James believed the committee created even stronger bonds. Members could share knowledge across their individual firms and other departments. It was a valuable industry collaboration, he pointed out. Workman was able to deliver the best service to its retail and leisure clients.

Workman attends Completely Retail Marketplace & Revo Conference

A team of Workman Partners included James Taylor, Nick Hilton, Frances Hardcastle-Brown and Gareth Soar. They attended the Completely Retail Marketplace & Revo Conference on 26 September.

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Nick Hilton, Partner, Workman Retail & Leisure

Gareth Soar, Partner, Head of Workman Retail & Leisure