Insights 6th October 2021 Building Wellbeing

building wellbeing

Building Wellbeing with Workman

At Workman, we are committed to creating an outstanding customer experience for occupiers.

From transforming on-site amenities to raising the standard of occupier engagement, our property management style and creative approach deliver services that make Workman-managed properties much more than simply a desk and a chair.

With direct influence on areas such as indoor air quality, health and wellbeing provision, occupier engagement and visitor access, property managers can play a major part, not only in facilitating the return of occupiers post-pandemic, but also in persuading them that the workplace is once again a thriving community.

Healthy, happy employees drive successful companies, so our health and wellbeing initiatives aim to deliver the ideal work-life balance. This has informed the development of Workman’s Wellbeing Asset Plans, which identify and implement health and wellbeing opportunities suitable to each asset and the specific requirements of its occupiers.

This publication has been produced as part of our Building Wellbeing campaign, designed to highlight the value of, and our expertise in, creating environments where occupiers want to stay, as a result of their employees being in a healthy and productive environment.

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