News 11th May 2021 Building Biodiversity

Workman launches Building Biodiversity campaign and are committed to promoting biodiversity in the urban environment.

With our refined ESG credentials and expertise from numerous projects, we proudly partner with the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project. The project aims to promote nature in the urban environment.

Encompassing this partnership is our Building Biodiversity campaign. The campaign aims to demonstrate the value of nature in achieving ESG goals. These include Net Zero, healthier workplaces and community value.

Through Building Biodiversity, our goal is to enhance biodiversity projects in the urban commercial properties. These projects range from small hanging baskets and bug hotels to large living walls and wildflower meadows.

To achieve this, we introduced a Biodiversity Toolkit, utilised by our teams, empowering them to incorporate biodiversity into commercial real estate, even in spaces with limited or no outdoor area. Additionally, we’re conducting an internal competition throughout 2021 and 2022 across our managed portfolio. This competition aims to recognise and honour the most exceptional and innovative biodiversity initiatives.

Our new micro website is now live at It features the Building Biodiversity project plus a wealth of information around the topic of biodiversity in the built environment.

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