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The properties we manage, and the way that we manage them, offer invaluable opportunities to have a positive social impact on the local communities in which they are located.

Increasingly, commercial real estate investors want to create a broader, social value from their investments than pure financial return. 

At Workman we recognise that we have an important role to play in contributing to social value through our property management and onsite teams.

The positive impact that social value in property can have is being increasingly recognised by some of the leading ESG benchmarks such as GRESB and formal measurement tools are now emerging.

Specific aspects of the firm’s approach to creating social value in real estate include:

  • Extensive placemaking programmes including seasonal and charitable events for local communities, as well as opportunities for local independent traders
  • Implementing procurement policies and active supply chain management to enable and encourage the use of local suppliers and contribute to local employment
  • Hosting business, training and development seminars and events to support local businesses and those seeking employment
  • Providing outdoor space and venues for the use of local community groups
  • Adopting wide-ranging inclusivity policies and ensuring that events and approaches adopted go well beyond annual events such as Purple Tuesday or Autism Hour.

Building Community – for places that matter to people

Our Building Community campaign highlights some of the best examples of positive social impact from across our managed portfolio and our approach to social value.

Read here

Through our approach to ESG we help clients to achieve more than just a financial return on their investment, we help to create a sense of place, wellbeing and environmental balance.
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