News 1st February 2023 occupier engagement

In the depths of winter, the sight of the Trotters’ bright yellow van brought smiles to 650 workers. They were going about their day at the Workman-managed Breakspear Park in Hemel Hempstead.

A steady flow of occupiers’ employees stopped to interact, share a few witty one liners and take selfies with Del Boy and his brother Rodney. Lookalike actors portrayed them, along with their famous Trotters’ van from the hit TV show “Only Fools & Horses.”

The Breakspear Park Del Boy visit event aimed to bring fun and positivity to the occupiers’ employees. It took place during the usually dull winter months at Breakspear Park. This was while encouraging them to think about their goals for the coming year in a light-hearted way.

One of the employees couldn’t quite believe what was happening: “You don’t normally come into the office to see Del Boy’s van parked up inside your office,” they said, regarding the Breakspear Park Del Boy visit.

Our Dina Mistry, Marketing, Events and Communications Manager at Breakspear Park, said: “We wanted to deliver an occupier engagement experience that would be a fun and different way to kick off the new year, and what better conversation-starter than to bring Del Boy and Rodney and the famous Trotters’ van to Breakspear Park. Just like Del Boy says, ‘this time next year we’ll be millionaires’… We wanted to inspire our employees to think big and set ambitious goals for themselves.”

Breakspear Park in numbers

86% of respondents to the annual Park Life survey for 2022 rated Breakspear Park as a 4 out of 5 place to work.

And with good reason – it’s a lively place to work with activities from Park Life Fitness, which opened in September, to its regular food and music events, all organised by the Workman onsite team, led by Dina Mistry, Marketing, Events and Communications Manager.

In 2022, the business park played its part in terms of social impact and sustainability too. The initiatives at Breakspear Park in 2022 included:

  • Donating 150kg of food to The Trussell Trust.
  • Planting 50 trees in support of The National Trust Woodland Appeal.
  • Donating 2 bikes to local schools.
  • Giving away 200 reusable water bottles and 75 reusable coffee cups to occupiers.
  • Using 66,000 low voltage Christmas lights to bring December sparkle.
  • Donating £585 to various charities.

Read more about Workman’s initiatives for Building Community through occupier engagement across our managed portfolio here: Building Community.