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Health and wellbeing is a vital component of the overall occupier experience, as the modern workforce expect it to be an integral part of their workplace.

We understand that the physical characteristics and operational practices within our buildings have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of our occupiers’ staff and visitors. Consequently, health and wellbeing is a core element of the overall ESG framework within which we manage and refurbish our clients’ assets.

With extensive experience and a practical knowledge base, we help clients to make sense of this workplace wellbeing. We develop and implement effective asset-specific plans to deliver a comprehensive health and wellbeing offering which encompass a range of initiatives, from air quality, lighting and the amount of amenity space, to the provision of water, quality food services and fitness activities.



As part of our commitment to create an outstanding customer experience for occupiers, we seek opportunities to create environments where occupiers want to stay, as a result of their staff being in a healthy and productive environment.

Our Wellbeing Asset Plans identify health and wellbeing opportunities suitable to each asset and the specific requirements of its occupiers. Initiatives included within our Wellbeing Asset Plans vary from simple schemes such as running clubs, workshops and seminars to larger-scale initiatives such as installing gyms or specialist cycle storage facilities.

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As more clients want to demonstrate the quality of environments their assets offer occupiers, we are assisting a growing number of clients to achieve Fitwel certification, “a data driven certification system which aims to optimise buildings to support occupant health and wellbeing.”

Whilst we can drive standards to meet this certification, we can also create Wellbeing Asset Plans based on the same principles, even where certification is not the preferred outcome.

To date we have, or are in the process of certifying over two million sq.ft of assets to Fitwel with some notable successes;

  • Project managing the certification of the first Fitwel-certified business park in Europe
  • Delivering the first Fitwel certified office building in the North-West of England
  • Achieving the highest Fitwel score of any asset globally, for a multi-let office in Bristol.
  • Achieving the first Fitwel-certified shopping centre in the UK
  • Completing the most UK Fitwel accreditations in 2020
Workman has shown a determined commitment to take on Hermes’ ambitious sustainability requirements and implement them across the complex and diverse portfolio they manage on our behalf.
Tatiana Bosteels, Head of RPI, Hermes
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