Insights 21st September 2022 building community

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Building Community: the Workman way

Workman is committed to creating an exceptional customer experience for occupiers. Our Building Community campaign highlights the advantages of this dedication to the occupier experience.

A sense of place and togetherness creates community within buildings. This ethos has informed the development of our occupier engagement initiatives, which aim to bring people together across commercial property.

By raising the standard of occupier engagement, our property management style and creative approach deliver services that make Workman-managed properties much more than simply a desk and a chair, providing a superior commercial property experience.

Today’s commercial property must offer stimulating, social environments that support employees’ and customers’ physical and mental wellbeing in an environmentally responsible way.

Property management strategies should be designed to create communities where buildings add value to their end-users’ experience and environment. As a result, the workplace becomes a thriving hub of commercial property experience, enticing users with its appeal.

We have produced the Building Community magazine to showcase the value and expertise in creating desirable environments for occupiers. In it, we consider;

  • the role of technology in creating a great occupier experience,
  • why regularly seeking occupier feedback is vital, and how best to it with Real Service,
  • the role commercial destinations can play in creating positive social impact within their communities,
  • some of the most effective ways to build real communities within commercial locations.

Read more here about our property management services and how we can build communities.