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Our Building Consultancy team provide a comprehensive range of technical due diligence for asset acquisition and disposal. We work closely with clients to ensure that overriding commercial objectives are achieved.


Pre-acquisition surveys are vital for identifying opportunities and managing investment risks.

Our solutions-based service is tailored to the clients’ specific appetite for risk and the legal context of the transaction. We seek to enable investment rather than thwart it. We identify technical risks and opportunities, focusing on solutions for the client’s proposed business plan, rather than just identifying problems with the physical asset.

Using our network of specialist consultants, including M&E, cladding and fire, we provide a single point of contact to deliver a comprehensive technical, assessment of the property to assist in transactions.

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Vendor surveys can be crucial in enabling a quick and smooth disposal of an asset, helping prospective purchasers fast-track their due diligence process.

Not only do our vendor surveys provide a thorough construction and maintenance history of a property, they will also consider future fabric and M&E requirements identified within Planned Maintenance Programmes (PPM’s).

Where assets are managed by our property management teams a more holistic review beyond just construction data is provided, encompassing areas like EPC’s and health & safety. Historical involvement adds breadth and depth to the survey, providing a more holistic view of the building’s situation.

Costs of works outlined in our vendor surveys are sense-checked against actual projects that have already been tendered or negotiated at similar assets, rather than applying generic cost indices, to provide accurate information to prospective purchasers.

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Our nationwide team of more than 100 qualified surveyors operates from our network of 11 UK offices, providing clients with professional, commercially-sound technical expertise.
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