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Workman offer a generous financial reward package and ensure that our salaries are benchmarked across the industry and take in to account individual performance to ensure that hard work and commitment is recognised and rewarded accordingly.

Flexible Benefits package

We recognise that not everyone is the same and depending on your own interests and the different stage of life, employees will value different things.

In addition to a competitive remuneration package, Workman offers a flexible benefits package. This gives all of our employees the opportunity to tailor additional benefits to suit their individual preferences and complement their lifestyle.

Core Hours

We operate a core hours policy which provides everyone in the firm with the flexibility to balance their work and personal commitments in a way that benefits both the firm and them.

Training and Development

We actively encourage our staff to maximise continuous personal development opportunities. We provide external professional training to which we provide generous funding operations and a dedicated Training and Development Coordinator.

At Workman our people really our best asset, we know this, and our clients know this. We also know that when it comes to rewards and benefits one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a comprehensive flexible benefits scheme alongside a generous and competitive financial reward package.