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GDPR Sub-processors

When delivering client services, Workman LLP will act as a data processor and accordingly comply with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

To deliver these services, Workman LLP may need to engage third parties (sub-processors). On this page, Workman LLP maintains the list of its General Suppliers and Property Management Suppliers who may sub-process personal data under an agreement with Workman LLP.

1. General Suppliers

When delivering client services, Workman LLP relies on a number of suppliers to support its own infrastructure and administration. The suppliers act as a sub-processor.

Type Subtype Names
Email and communication


Data Centres



All Internal

Information Technology Archival and Disposal

IT Support

Workman LLP Applications

Analytics and performance

Digital Marketing

Computer Waste, Flexistore

All Internal

Trace Solutions

Google Analytics and Lead Forensics


Website Website hosting

Outsourced Business Operations

Copying & Printing



Barclays, Cascade


Royal Mail and others



Transcription or Translation Various


2. Property Management

In addition to the above, Workman’s Property Management teams will engage other suppliers or subcontractors. Although the use of these suppliers or subcontractors will depend on the actual property and type of management, the primary and most common sub-processors are listed below.

  1. Information Technology
  2. Property Finance – Trace Solutions, Microsoft
  3. Helpdesk, KPI and PPM – Internal
  4. Incident Reporting – Internal
  5. Contract Management – Internal
  6. Professional Advisory
  7. Health and Safety – Ark Workplace Risk Ltd – Quooda, William Martin Compliance Solutions Ltd – Meridian
  8. Accountancy – Various
  9. Incident Management – Internal

Further details about any relevant property specific sub-processors can be provided on request through your Workman LLP contact.