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Recognised as a healthy workplace, the Metro building has become the first in the UK to achieve Fitwel three- star certification under the Built Certified Multi-Tenant Base Building (v2.1) scorecard.

  • First UK building to achieve three stars under this scorecard
  • 106,000 sq. ft workspace in Hammersmith
  • Capacity for 1500 occupants

The Metro Building, in London’s Hammersmith, is the first UK building to be awarded a three-star Fitwel certification, under the Built Certified Multi-Tenant Base Building (v2.1) scorecard. Managed by Workman on behalf of global real assets investor PATRIZIA, Metro now joins properties from around the world accredited by Fitwel, a certification system embraced by developers and workplace strategists as part of the growing trend towards healthier workplaces. As the UK’s leading implementer of Fitwel, Workman has achieved certification for almost 2 million sq. ft of retail, office and business assets – the most completed Fitwel certifications in the UK and Europe.

Metro’s 3-star Fitwel Certification demonstrates the collaboration of a proactive Workman onsite team, led by building manager Nicola Price and property manager Suky Atwal, along with PATRIZIA and sustainability consultancy Evora. This achievement showcases the Workman commitment to optimising buildings for health, using evidence-based strategies.

The Fitwel standard provides a blueprint for making positive changes that are scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing and occupier health. Using an evidence-based scorecard system, Fitwel certifies the wellness credentials of buildings and their surroundings.

How the Metro Building gained three Fitwel stars

Through the six-month Fitwel process, Metro benchmarked its health and wellbeing performance before developing improvement strategies.

The Metro Building scored particularly highly in areas including:

  • the implementation of an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) policy;
  • provision of lactation room, a facility for nursing mothers;
  • access to a fruit or vegetable garden;
  • policies encouraging the use of stairwells over lifts; and
  • amenities such as fitness and gym rooms.

Nicola Price, Workman’s Building Manager at Metro, said: “Occupiers at the Metro building are engaged in the concept of healthy buildings, and we care about their wellbeing. Our landscaping project includes seasonal planting for occupiers to get involved with growing and harvesting. The introduction of initiatives such as IAQ testing has made a real difference to how our occupiers feel, and in turn this has motivated the onsite team, who have seen the benefits of Fitwel accreditation.”

Charlotte Ross, ESG Manager and Fitwel Ambassador at Workman, said: “Across our managed properties and the wider industry, there is an increased focus on occupier health and wellbeing. For us, it was not only important to gain the Fitwel certification for Metro, but also to use the strategies to make sure we are managing the building with health and wellbeing in mind.”

Jennie Brown, Associate, Asset Management at PATRIZIA, said: “Fitwel’s world-leading certification is testament to our strategy of improving occupier wellbeing by using best-in-class design to create healthy buildings for a strong community. Our focus on both mental and physical health, for example creating a new outdoor landscaped area, as well as a lactation room, was positively welcomed by our occupiers.”

This article was first published in Commercial News Media.

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