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Our Bristol team took part in a Beach Clean at Weston-Super-Mare, where they spent the day clearing plastic waste from the much-loved beach, ready for the tourist season.

Taking care of the environment around us – whether built or natural – is a huge element of what we do here at Workman. So our Bristol team was delighted to join the recent Beach Clean at Weston-Super-Mare, around 40 mins drive from the city centre, as part of efforts by the firm’s Wellbeing team.

Amanda Belgium, Senior Accounts Associate, who joined the day of volunteering, said:

“The huge swathe of sandy beach may look clean at first glance, but on closer inspection, there is a large amount of plastic waste – mainly from food and drink items – that is just left laying around. Picking up the litter, especially plastic, helps prevent it from harming animals or entering the food chain.”

Organised by Visit Somerset and Cleaner Coastlines, the volunteering campaign encourages businesses like Workman to take part in beach-clean events, and also to rise to the challenge of banning avoidable, single-use plastic (such as bags, coffee cups and plastic drinks bottles) from use within their organisations.

Our David Wright, Senior Associate, was featured in this BBC Sounds Radio interview (from 53’50” to 58’30”) talking about the volunteering experience, and the rubbish he’d collected.

Listen here.

Eight members of Workman’s Bristol team took part on the day: Amanda Belgium, David Wright, Thomas Short, Rob Davis, Florentina Claudia Andreescu, Aathira Aathira, Alex Roberts, and Jen Riando. They joined a group of around 30 people taking part, who each collected around one bag of rubbish from the beach, before being rewarded with a well-deserved ice cream at the end of the day.

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