News 26th January 2021 2021

We check in with the joiners of the Workman Graduates 2021 training scheme. Two weeks into their training, we find out how they were getting on.

During their first week, all 20 graduate joiners during their first week, participated in a social call. This then allowed them to meet their colleagues remotely. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather in person and share their experiences.

In the meantime, despite the unusual circumstances, our Workman graduates have begun their training over the past two weeks. Our new graduates have demonstrated remarkable resilience, diligence, and flexibility while working mainly from their homes. They receive daily support from their line managers and benefit from the Workman buddy system.

In some cases, the Workman graduates 2021 trainees have even been able to overcome the current situation. They were able to gain on-site experience. Sulaiman Arshad, Assistant Building Surveyor, explains: My start at Workman has been great. The workload has been intense since the beginning. I’ve gained unexpected practical experience on-site despite the challenges posed by the current coronavirus situation. It’s been incredibly thrilling. For instance, today, another graduate and I were inspecting building roofs at Manchester Airport, 90 ft in the air on a cherry picker. I’m extremely optimistic for what the future holds for me at Workman.”

While in-person meetings and site visits have been mostly restricted, graduates have been conducting virtual property tours with the guidance of their line managers.

Maisie Hammond, Assistant Management Surveyor, said: “I feel really fortunate to be starting this role and benefitting from the training and support. My line manager has been so supportive, we have a call every morning when she helps organise my tasks for the day, and then I’m able to call her at any point via Teams to ask any questions. With Teams and all the other resources available online, we are very well-placed to learn.”

Jeremy Currell, Management Surveyor, who joined the Workman Graduate Scheme after some experience in property management with another company, said: “I was already working for a much smaller property management firm, but with Workman the APC support is much more comprehensive. I feel really fortunate to be able to take a step forward in my career, especially during this difficult time.”

Gregory Blanchard, Assistant Management Surveyor, said: “I can contact colleagues at the drop of a hat, so it’s very reassuring to know that all the support is there. We’re making the best of a bad situation. As such, I do feel very lucky to be starting the role during these times. I’m looking forward to progressing through the training.”

Good luck to our 2021 Graduate Scheme joiners – we’re looking forward to hearing more about their progress in a few months’ time. 

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