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BBP & MAP launch Responsible Property Management Toolkit

Workman is pleased to support the Responsible Property Management Toolkit (RPMT), launched today by the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) and Managing Agents Partnership (MAP). This comprehensive guide plays a vital role in upskilling Asset, Facilities and Property Managers. It outlines best practices in responsible property management and provides guidance on delivering them effectively.

The Toolkit supports the implementation of responsible property management in investment portfolios. It’s a collaborative effort involving 30 sustainability practitioners from 15 top UK commercial real estate companies, including Workman LLP. The industry itself has actively contributed to its development.

Vicky Cotton, ESG Director at Workman, said:

“Updating the Toolkit has been a work in progress now for several years, such is the scale of the task.  However, I am confident that this now provides the basis to raise the bar in terms of ESG and Responsible Property Management in order for our industry to play it’s vital part in meeting the challenge of the climate emergency that we face.

“At Workman, these standards are already embedded in everything we do. Our involvement in the Toolkit’s development allowed us to share expertise with the property management industry. We hope property owners and managers integrate this guidance into their approach.”

Enhancing sustainability in property management

The Responsible Property Management Toolkit contains more than 50 guidance notes across 13 key sustainability topics. These notes include downloadable checklists and practical ‘how to’ advice. In addition, the Toolkit provides readers access to abundant industry resources and case studies covering environmental, social, and wellbeing concerns. The RPMT targets Asset Managers, Property Managers, and Facilities Managers, aligning their responsibilities with sustainability integration in property management.

The Toolkit clearly outlines the roles and duties of asset managers, property managers, and facilities managers. It addresses 13 critical aspects of responsible property management. You can access it for free within the industry here: RESPONSIBLE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TOOLKIT | Better Buildings Partnership.

Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO of the Better Buildings Partnership, said:

“The management of buildings plays a vital role in securing sustainability outcomes and this Toolkit provides a much needed, practical, resource to help guide and support action. We encourage property owners and managers alike to use the Toolkit and embed this guidance in the management of their portfolios.”

With added functionality allowing users to contribute content, the BBP is calling on the wider sector to contribute to the Toolkit by providing case studies and signposting other resources so that it continues to reflect evolving standards and best practice.

For more information on how Workman is applying the RESPONSIBLE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TOOLKIT | Better Buildings Partnership please contact Vicky Cotton, ESG Director, Workman.

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