Insights 17th October 2022 occupier experience

The Workman-managed portfolio has over 4,000 properties. Our property management teams ensure excellent occupier experience through strategic programs and regular communication. Here we meet some of the experts. They lead our work to create a sense of place and community, particularly vital within multi-occupier buildings.

Richard Hart, Head of Property Management, UK and Europe

occupier experience experts

Having joined the firm through its renowned Graduate Scheme in 2007, Richard became a Partner in 2014. Today he’s responsible for the delivery of the property management service. This is on behalf of both UK and European property funds and private clients. Additionally, investors including: LGIM Real Assets, CBRE Investment Management, CapitaLand and Segro. Richard works closely with clients to help maximise asset performance and value through a robust management strategy. Both ESG and customer experience are at its core.

Recognising the significance of occupier experience in commercial property, Richard says: “We prioritise meeting modern occupiers’ needs by providing stimulating, healthy environments in the Workman-managed portfolio. Our properties support occupiers’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing while being environmentally responsible. Additionally, we foster a sense of place and togetherness within the local community.”

Eleanor Newton, Senior Associate

occupier experience experts

Eleanor, a highly experienced property manager, collaborates with prime office and campus sites in the Workman portfolio. Notably, she works closely with Westside in Hemel Hempstead and Republic in London. Leveraging her expertise, Eleanor fosters partnerships between landlords and occupiers through enhanced property management. She prioritises operational excellence, wellbeing, and occupier experience to create environments that meet personal and professional demands. Additionally, Eleanor excels in utilising smart-tech and occupier-engagement apps to achieve building efficiencies and environmental targets.

Eleanor says: “Occupier engagement holds the key to successful and sustainable property management. Building strong connections with occupiers to drive change in how buildings are occupied is critical in the journey to Net Zero. To manage buildings safely and efficiently, it is more important than ever to understand occupancy patterns. Today, occupiers are looking to their landlords to meet their changing expectations, which landlords and property managers can only be aware of by working closely with them.”

Cassie Iles, Welcome Community Manager

Welcome Community Manager Cassie Iles devises occupier experience and engagement and experience strategies for Workman’s Welcome portfolio. Working within the Welcome team and collaborating closely with all front-of-house personnel, Cassie leads communication and feedback programmes for individual assets and their occupiers, while delivering the highest standards of services, tailored to their needs.

Cassie says: “Our role is all about human connection; understanding exactly what occupiers want. In some buildings, this may be the delivery of a jam-packed programme of lunchtime events or bespoke wellbeing initiatives. In others it may mean collaborating with occupiers to implement social initiatives with the local community; or we may be delivering any combination of these. Our ultimate goal is that occupiers get exactly what they want from their space and service, delivered seamlessly.”

Monika Newton, Partner

occupier experience experts

Passionate about customer service, Monika began her career in hotel management, a grounding which formed the bedrock of her drive to provide exceptional service for occupiers through Welcome, the Workman Offices service. Specifically designed to enhance the quality of the working environment and experience required by the modern office occupier, the Welcome team provides the highest level of customer service.

Monika says: “There is an interesting dynamic today in the landlord and occupier relationship; and with heightening competition between office landlords, the occupier experience in workspaces often becomes a deciding factor. Exceeding the expectations of occupiers directly contributes to our clients’ investment performance through improved occupier retention. We continually strive to evolve the customer experience, bridging the gap between traditional offices, flexible workspaces, and the home experience. The true point of difference now lies in collaborating with customers to co-create attractive workplace communities, which sit somewhere between a hotel and home.”

Andrew Sparrow, Director of Activate, Workman’s Placemaking team

Workman's placemaking team

Having previously managed the master planning and delivery of retail, office and mixed-use schemes across the country, including the Spitalfields Market Estate, Andrew has delivered a plethora of placemaking projects for a wide range of investors, developers, and local authorities. He advises clients on commercially viable solutions for transforming spaces into destinations that deliver dynamic occupier experiences. As Director of Activate, Workman’s Placemaking, Destination Marketing and Customer Experience team, Andrew is a specialist in enlivenment and placemaking strategy.

Andrew says: “Creating quality places where people want to live, work, and play is at the heart of the Activate service. The ongoing satisfaction and enjoyment of people utilising spaces is our top priority, so we are constantly working to generate spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and wellbeing.”


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