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Workman is appointed by Orchard Street Investment Management LLP to support on its Social and Environmental Impact Partnership (SEIP), as reported by React News. 

Workman will provide property management and ESG services for Orchard Street Investment Management’s (OSIM) newly created Social and Environmental Impact Partnership (SEIP), which has set ambitious decarbonisation, wellbeing, and community investment targets.

SEIP, which was launched in 2022 and secured nearly £90m at the first close, will target value-add opportunities that can generate measurable social and environmental impact through:

  • decarbonising existing buildings via an accelerated programme of refurbishment,
  • investing in local communities,
  • making buildings healthier for those that live and work in them.

As well as managing assets acquired by SEIP, Workman’s ESG team has also been appointed to deliver a range of services across the portfolio, including:

  • creating and implementing Sustainability Asset Plans,
  • data management and reporting to drive asset performance,
  • occupier engagement to collaborate on ESG initiatives,
  • working with all stakeholders to achieve and maintain any required ESG standards.

Nick Hilton, Partner at Workman, said: “While all investors have certain ESG standards to meet, Orchard Street’s ambitious objectives for this Fund make it particularly rewarding to be appointed. The nature of the assets that will be acquired means our role as property managers will be absolutely integral to successfully delivering OSIM’s objectives. The fact that our ESG team has also been appointed alongside, to deliver and report on the whole spectrum of ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’, is similarly testament to their breadth of expertise.”

Barney Rowe, Portfolio Manager of the Impact Fund at Orchard Street Investment Management, said: “We are pleased to welcome Workman LLP to our team of leading advisors supporting the growth of our Impact Fund and will continue to source and execute cross-sector investment opportunities that will accelerate the property sector’s decarbonisation transition, while maximising the value of buildings as a tool to promote health and community investment.”

This article first appeared in React News.

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