News 19th February 2020 croxley business park

It was a day full of fast cars and fun at Workman-managed Croxley Business Park in Watford on 13 February.

Prompted by one of our Graduates, the Workman property management team arranged an epic team building day for occupiers across the park to take part in.

The challenge? Teams of six competed in The Barn, Croxley Park’s events space, racing against the clock to change the tyres of an F1 car replica. With jumpsuits on, teams vied for the fastest changeover times to win pole position and prizes.

StarLeaf, occupants of Building 7, claimed first prize with an impressive 3.4-second tyre change time. Occupiers had the chance to enhance the experience by testing their skills on two F1 driving simulators.

F1 Day Out Quotes

Sarah Shippey, Park Manager, comments: “The event was excellent. It brought people together in a shared experience. There was a real cross-section of our occupiers. They had all been getting involved. It’s just one example of a full calendar of placemaking events that we have been running across Croxley Business Park throughout the year.

“Workman is really helping to drive the placemaking agenda to create a sense of place and community for our occupiers. As we saw from this event, it’s being really well received. We’re all looking forward to the next event here. Taking place on 25th February, it’s pancake making of course.”

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