News 14th June 2021 Building Consultancy

Not your average office refurbishment, Workman Building Consultancy Team led the transformation of this former warehouse at 18-20 St John Street, Farringdon, to provide unique office space within a stone’s throw of Smithfield Market.

As part of a whole-building project, one of the key objectives of the office refurbishment was to create a functional connection between the front and rear parts of the building.

Previously, occupiers needed to walk across an outdoor roof space in order to traverse between buildings. Today, the building features a fully glazed link bridge as part of a sleek, polished glass extension, which has provided two storeys of additional office space.

Elevated Office Space Through a Transformative Office Refurbishment

It was a challenging office refurbishment, brought to a successful conclusion with the expertise of our skilled Building Consultancy team. The two-storey infill work has achieved BREEAM certification: good.

The project, which has resulted in office space benefitting from high levels of natural daylight and stunning views, involved:

  • Construction of a glazed extension to link the front and rear parts of the building.
  • Full CAT A refurbishment throughout including installation of new WC / shower facilities on each office floor.
  • CAT A+ refurbishment works to the First Floor including office furniture, meeting rooms and kitchen.
  • Full common parts refurbishment including installation of a passenger lift.

Originally constructed in the late 19th century, the building holds Grade II listed status. It contains both commercial office space and pub space.

Having reached practical completion in Spring 2021, the architecturally redesigned property is now ready for occupiers, fully fitted to provide plug-and-play office space, complete with a dedicated terrace within the demise.

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By David Long, Associate, Workman