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Workman has bolstered its Fitwel expertise with the certification of two new Fitwel Ambassadors.

Charlotte Ross and Imogen Waters have both achieved Fitwel Ambassador status in the past month. They have successfully completed the training and qualification process. It requires a pass mark of at least 80% for its final exam. They join Vicky Cotton, who is already an established Fitwel Assessor.

Fitwel has been embraced by developers and workplace strategists as part of the growing trend towards healthier workplaces. As the UK’s leading implementer of Fitwel, Workman has achieved certification for almost 2 million sq. ft of retail, office and business assets in locations such as Bristol, Leeds and London – the most completed Fitwel certifications in the UK and Europe.

Vicky Cotton ESG Director said: “I am delighted that Workman now boasts a team of three Fitwel Ambassadors. Our newly certified team members will extend our ability to assist even more of our clients in their drive towards healthier buildings.”

Active participants in the healthy building movement

Certified Fitwel Ambassadors actively participate in the healthy building movement. They possess in-depth knowledge of the evidence-based connection between design and health.

Charlotte Ross said: “As a society, we need to build less buildings in the future. As such, we need to focus on retrofitting and reusing what we already have, to fit the needs of the occupier. The post-Covid workplace will need to extend consideration of health and wellbeing in a manner that has never been required before. By applying the Fitwel certification, building owners can be sure they are delivering the healthiest workspace possible for their occupiers.”

Ambassadors play a crucial role in integrating Fitwel strategies. They track progress and obtain Fitwel Certification for clients’ buildings, both in development and already operational.

Imogen Waters said: “Our role as Fitwel Ambassadors is to gather, collate and research technical data, such as daylight calculations, along with softer information such as proximity to nutrition and fitness amenities, to make an informed assessment of the building’s health and wellbeing status. We regularly visit sites to appraise facilities and advise on improvements for the benefit of occupiers.”


Want to know more?

To find out more about how Fitwel certification delivers healthier buildings for landlords, occupiers and their employees, our Vicky Cotton, ESG Director, spoke to Zachary Flora, Director of Market Growth at the Centre for Active Design, developer of Fitwel: read the interview here.

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