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Alliance House
12 Caxton Street, London, SW1H 0QS

+44 (0) 207 227 6200

About our London Victoria building consultancy services

The London Victoria office in the West End is Workman’s registered Head Office.

With more than 120 staff based here, the office provides clients with a full range of property management and building consultancy services. The teams focus on providing services to clients in West End and Greater London areas across all key property sectors. The Activate – Workman placemaking team is based in the Victoria office, visit

Meet our senior team
Untitled  J Bates
Untitled  S Campbell
Untitled  P Chapman
Untitled  V Cotton
Howard Evans
Untitled  E Moore
Untitled  M Pateman
The largest independent specialist commercial property management and building consultancy firm in the UK, Workman is committed to client care and getting the basics right.