News 6th April 2021 collaboration

Workman has partnered with property software platform Coyote to implement its enhanced property management reporting tool. The software will allow our property management teams to deliver higher quality client reports in a fraction of the time, allowing teams to focus more time on customer-facing activities.

Coyote’s centralised dashboard will enable property managers to answer client questions more concisely and quickly than ever before. The Coyote platform puts comprehensive insights at property managers’ fingertips. These insights are generated using data from multiple property management systems. The data is then processed, analysed and displayed in one central, cloud-based dashboard.

An initial pilot to co-develop upgrades to client reporting

During 2020, a team of 20 Workman property managers ran a pilot with Coyote Software. This involved more than 100 properties, for clients including Chancerygate and Stenprop. During the pilot, our team led by Anthony Boothman collaborated with the product development team at Coyote to co-create a series of product updates customised to our specific needs. Following the pilot, Coyote is now being rolled out across our clients’ portfolios.

Anthony Boothman, Partner, Workman, said:

“With the introduction of the Workman-enhanced Coyote platform, the quality and efficiency of our client reporting has gone from strength to strength. We look forward to rolling out this facility to the benefit of more and more of our clients during 2021 and beyond.”

Oli Farago, Chief Executive, Coyote Software, said:

“Through this partnership with Workman, Anthony and his team helped us uncover deeper, more valuable insight that helped us make Coyote even better. This collaboration demonstrates the real value we’re dedicated to providing for the Workman property management team – value that can be repurposed for the rest of our client roster. We achieved a lot in a short span of time, and look forward to this partnership continuing to develop in the months and years to come.”