At Workman we are committed to helping clients achieve Net Zero carbon emissions at asset and portfolio level. We have introduced a new service to create and implement an asset-specific Net Zero Pathway to meet the Government’s target. Combining our Property Management and Building Consultancy expertise, along with ESG knowledge, we can help property owners and investors to navigate the challenges ahead.

What is Net Zero?
The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) defines Net Zero as being achieved when “the amount of carbon emissions associated with a building’s operational energy on an annual basis is zero or negative.” A Net Zero carbon building is described as “highly energy efficient and powered from onsite and/ or off-site renewable energy sources, with any remaining carbon balance offset”.

The Government has legislated a national target of achieving Net Zero by 2050. With existing buildings contributing between 30-40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions annually, from heating and cooling to lighting and plug-loads, this must be addressed and many of our clients are aiming to reach the target sooner.

The management and refurbishment processes play a significant role in reducing the total carbon emissions of an asset, driving improved performance.

The Workman Net Zero Pathway
Drawing on our knowledge and experience, a thorough asset review will provide a unique pathway to achieving Net Zero at your assets. This begins with a feasibility study either at asset level, or across your whole portfolio.

We will provide recommendations and direction, drawing together existing information and identifying knowledge gaps. This will create the starting point for your Net Zero journey, and detail the action – and results – required at each stage to reach the 2050 target. The graphic overleaf outlines what is involved at each stage.

The pathway will be led by our experienced ESG team who work closely with clients and in-house teams, balancing actions with commercial objectives.

A proven track record
We are committed to meeting existing environmental targets, scaling our service to meet your ESG aspirations. Our expertise and capabilities have been developed over the last 10 years and during this period we have developed a clear understanding of the key environmental features of the managed portfolio. This knowledge will be essential in creating a basis to drive performance along the Net Zero Pathway. The targets is challenging but we can help you achieve these.

Committed to ESG
We continue to invest in our ESG service and expertise to ensure continued performance into the future. We work with industry bodies such as the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) and the UKGBC to remain at the forefront of real estate’s response to the many challenges in this area.

Stakeholder engagement will be crucial

Knowing, understanding and engaging with stakeholders will be key to achieving net zero carbon emissions at asset and portfolio level.  The goal cannot be achieved without a united approach from all key stakeholders involved within an asset. Relationships with investors, occupiers, contractors and consultants will be the ‘glue’ which brings together all parties to agree and then achieve a common target.