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Wellbeing test


Workman has always been committed to the health and wellbeing of the occupiers within assets under our management.

This topic has been brought into sharper focus with the advent of various health and wellbeing assessment tools and certification methods (The Fitwel Certification System and The Well Standard), along with the ongoing increase in access of information through the internet and social media.

We recognise that effective property management is no longer simply concerned with looking after the physical asset, but it is increasingly important to provide environments within those assets to enhance the users’ overall experience. 

Rather than being tied to any one assessment methodology, initiative, consultant or way of thinking, we use our understanding of the health and wellbeing landscape to tailor our approach for our clients and the diverse array of assets under our management.

This can vary from low-cost options through to full design and development considerations. We can look to apply full assessment systems to monitor and improve the health and wellbeing of assets, or identify suitable initiatives to target key elements of performance.

Workman has a breadth of knowledge and experience regarding health and wellbeing systems and approaches, whether working towards an accreditation, or simply to adopt best practice wherever practical.

We apply this understanding to select the most suitable approach and initiative on a client-by-client, portfolio-by-portfolio and asset-by-asset basis.

For more information and examples of some of the initiatives implemented, please read here.