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Activate -Workman Placemaking conceives, develops and delivers commercially viable placemaking solutions for retail, leisure and commercial environments.

Whether it’s master-planning developments, generating ideas to repurpose vacant spaces or revitalising destinations, Activate – Workman Placemaking curate and implement the most vibrant range of pop-ups, markets, events and experiences, which enliven spaces and engage local communities, promoted by a compelling mix of marketing activity.

Activate has a proven track record in operating a range of markets, meanwhile uses and event programmes across a variety of locations.

We have an extensive network of independent operators and specialist consultants with whom we work closely to deliver projects.

Our understanding of local stakeholder relationships has enabled us to advise a range of real estate investors, developers and local authorities nationwide.

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Activate is an experienced team of placemaking professionals who enliven spaces and engage communities through a combination of consultancy advice and operational management.