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Our approach to dilapidations is always to provide professional and accurate advice with the aim of concluding negotiations promptly. Advice can be in the form of dilapidation liability assessments or the preparation of schedules; interim and terminal.

We conduct dilapidations negotiations on both the managed portfolio and for external clients.

By working alongside our property management teams we are able to assess repairing liabilities during the lease term as well as at expiry. Early advice is crucial to allow clients to assess their liability and plan ahead.

Our extensive experience with projects, particularly repair and refurbishment work means we are able to transfer this knowledge to the preparation of dilapidation schedules incorporating, where applicable, accurate costs and statements of claim.

  • Pre-assessments of liability
  • Interim and terminal schedules
  • Statements of claim
  • Advice on lease liabilities
  • Negotiation of settlements
  • Service charge assessment and advice

Tenant Applications
We provide a fast, cost-effective service of reviewing proposed tenant alterations as part of the legal process of granting licences to alter.

A technical appraisal is undertaken to assess the proposals and the implications to our clients in terms of quality, compliance, timing, risk, health and safety where the aim is to produce an approved pack for inclusion with the legal documents.

We understand the value to our clients of assessing and agreeing the works expediently, as often they are linked with new lease terms; consequently the value to our clients can be far greater than the works themselves.

On larger assets such as shopping centres, maintaining a consistent standard of specification and fit-out is crucial to protecting the asset’s value whilst occupiers expect a flexible and streamlined approach. 

Our knowledge of construction, statutory compliance, health and safety and the risks associated with them allows us to consider the proposals professionally and commercially.

  • Reviewing Tenant Proposals
  • Technical Appraisals
  • Advising on Implications to Property
  • Approving Construction Documents