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5 minutes with 13th March 2024

Meet Lucy Lennard, Senior Surveyor within the Retail Property Management Team here at Workman.

What brought you to Workman, and how has your journey evolved since joining?

I joined Workman two and half years ago on the graduate scheme. I am currently studying for a part time MSc Real Estate at the University College of Estate Management and I am getting ready to sit the APC to become a RICS Chartered Surveyor later this year.

In terms of why a career at Workman, Workman seemed to offer the right balance between a professional work environment, supporting me to achieve professional qualifications and as one of UK’s leading property management firms I felt like it was a great route into the property industry.

How does your role contribute to the success of the Workman?

Ultimately, Workman must provide a top-quality service for our clients and it’s for us as individuals to ensure we do this through high levels of rent and service charge collection and to ensure that everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

What first led you into the property industry?

The built environment has always fascinated me.

The quality of offices, retail space, and homes significantly influence our quality of life. It’s the backbone of how we live and work.

What’s a standout moment or achievement that you’ve experienced at Workman this far?

Being the lead property manager on a number of assets at a relatively early stage of my career was a defining moment. While challenging, the steep learning curve and responsibility was immensely rewarding.

What change would you make to the wider property sector? And why?

The planning environment has become overly political, preventing us as a society from providing the level of houses and commercial buildings that we need to cater for a growing and dynamic population and economy.

What building worldwide holds special place in your heart, and why?

I would say St Paul’s Cathedral. I first visited St Paul’s on a school trip, and I was amazed by the scale and magnificence of it. Sir Christopher Wren was commissioned to replace the previous Cathedral that was destroyed by the Great Fire of London, and he didn’t just build a replacement to look like the other Cathedrals of the time, but instead he intended creating something different for London, which set the tone for a new phase in London’s architectural development.

What three dinner party guests would you choose, dead or alive and why?

Queen Elizabeth II – having been Queen of England for over 70 years and met with 15 prime ministers on a weekly basis, the Queen had seen and been a part of so much change and development.

Steven Bartlett – Steven is not only a successful entrepreneur and a Dragon on Dragon’s Den but has also interviewed so many interesting people on his podcast called The Diary of a CEO.

Sir David Attenborough – he’s devoted his life to highlighting the beauty of the natural world and the importance of all of us protecting it.

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