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Five minutes with... 2nd November 2022

What three words describe Workman?

Innovative, challenging, rewarding.

What has been your standout moment at Workman so far?

Being part of a recent accounts re-structure, supporting all teams through the transition and seeing the successful outcome. Not only seeing the benefit of knowledge-spread for our clients but also with the development and growth of individuals.

Thinking about the accounts team, can you tell us a bit about what the work means to you, and also to the business?

Starting as a Client Accountant at Workman 15 years ago, I soon realised the importance of communication across each accounts department. All departments are playing a pivotal role in delivering an outstanding service to our clients. It’s amazing to see how all functions come together regardless of how big or small. It’s great to be part of such a diverse, dynamic, fast-moving sector – not only meeting client requirements, but going over and above to give a personalised touch to each client.

Tell us about a time you’ve put your skills to their best use at Workman?

In 2015, I made a move away from Workman for a while, to start a new role at Sirva BGRS Worldwide Inc. This gave me a new perspective, but also the realisation that my role at Workman had given me so many opportunities to learn and improve my skills.

On my return to the firm in 2019, I took the opportunity to become a mentor to others, helping them expand their knowledge and achieve their goals.

At Workman, we are improving and updating our skills all the time, we build on what we have learnt and can adapt our knowledge to the individual needs of each client. The skills I have gained over the years continue to grow on a daily basis, and every day is a school day.

What change would you make to a single aspect of the wider property sector and why?

During new acquisitions, more emphasis on the communication and handover between the agents would ensure smoother transition for the client and the account teams on both sides.

What first led you into the property industry?

I had the opportunity of a role in Student Accommodation Property Management firm many years ago. This was when I was introduced to property accounts, inspecting properties, and dealing with student tenants. I found the whole process very interesting and wanted to learn more about it. Workman has helped me fulfil my desire to further my career in this industry.

What are your spare time pursuits and how do they feed into your role at Workman?

I really enjoy physical exercise. Going to the gym after work to unwind or first thing in the morning before work I find gives me a great boost for the day and keeps my mental health in check. I also love being outdoors, so any opportunity for a nice long walk or hike is always welcome.

What is your favourite building worldwide, and why?

The Guggenheim Museum in New York. I find its modern architecture unique, and that spiral ramp is simply stunning.

What three dinner party guests would you choose and why?

Bruce Springsteen, Alan Sugar, and Gino Di Campo. I would love to hear some of my favourite songs from Bruce – and there are quite few. From Alan I would love to get some top tips on what makes you stand out to be the best in class and what makes individuals successful from his point of view. And Gino could tell me all about his traditional Italian recipes, and the best places to visit in Italy.