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5 minutes with 30th May 2024

Meet Joshua Coglan, Assistant Management Surveyor in our Welcome Offices team, working across four different assets in our Welcome Offices portfolio, located across the West End and the City.

Having joined Workman on the Graduate Scheme in August 2023, Josh is currently studying for his MSc in Real Estate with the University College of Estate Management.

What do you enjoy about being part of the Welcome Team?

The scale of the assets we work on is incredible. We deal with large, high-budget commercial properties, which is super interesting. Due to the way our portfolio is structured, each person is responsible for just a few assets so I really get to immerse myself in the properties and the service we provide to occupiers.

What brought you to Workman, and how has your journey evolved since joining?

I joined through the graduate scheme, which offered the chance to pursue a Real Estate Masters through the company. That was a huge draw for me because it means I can work towards a RICS-accredited qualification and aim to become a chartered surveyor. My journey at Workman has been busy! I started with two large office assets in the West End and now manage three assets. Each site is engaging and keeps me on my toes.

If you had to describe your Workman experience in three words, what would they be?

Busy, engaging, educational.

Walk us through a typical day in your role. Any exciting projects or tasks on the horizon?

No two days are the same for me! I try to visit each of my sites at least once a week because being present is the best way to understand every aspect of the properties we manage. Right now, I spend a lot of time at The Heal’s Building as we’re nearing the completion of some project works, including a new reception and café space. While on-site, I engage with our front-of-house team, engineers, security, cleaners, and the building manager to ensure we provide top-notch service, especially as we prepare for the grand opening of the new space.

Looking ahead, how do you see your role developing in the coming months and years?

I’ve just started my Real Estate Masters, and my APC training process will follow shortly after. Both will be crucial for my development. Coming from a non-real estate background, I’ve already learned a ton in my short time at Workman, and I’m excited to see how these courses will help me grow as a surveyor and enhance the quality of service I can provide to clients and occupiers.

Any standout moments or achievements at Workman so far?

Definitely presenting the initial draft of our service charge budget to a client. It’s a large and complex budget, so working with the team to pull it together and present it within my first six months was something I’m really proud of.

What do you like to do outside of work, and how does it tie into your role at Workman?

I’m big into sports—mostly watching, but I’ve recently taken up running and am training for the Amsterdam marathon in October alongside some Welcome team members, which will be a great bonding experience.

Is there a building that holds a special place in your heart?

Craven Cottage, for sure. I’ve been going there with my dad to watch Fulham FC since I was six. It’s full of great memories and has played a big part in the strong relationship I have with my dad.

If you were to recommend a book to a colleague, what would it be and why?

I’d recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. It’s about the lives and struggles of two fictional women in late 20th-century Afghanistan. Though it’s a fictional story, it’s based on real experiences and really opens your eyes to how fortunate we are to have our freedoms and livelihoods. It’s a powerful read and well worth the time.

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