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Creating a ‘Net Zero’ building will require significant reduction in energy consumption, greater efficiency in management systems and processes as well as thorough retrofits.

At Workman we are already working with clients to create and implement an asset-specific Net Zero Pathway to meet the net zero carbon emissions target set by the Government.

Each Net Zero pathway will be a unique journey to creating zero-carbon buildings as UK and global strategies evolve. Workman’s Net Zero Asset Feasibility Plan is the first stage of that process. It will provide recommendations and direction, whilst also drawing together existing information or identifying gaps which will create the starting point for your Net Zero journey.

To find out more, read our Net Zero Insight briefing.

Our combined specialist commercial property management and building consultancy skills mean that we are ideally placed to assist clients in meeting a true net zero target for each asset – and across whole portfolios.

Our teams are perfectly balanced to work together to provide practical advice and successfully deliver a range of key zero carbon projects at asset and portfolio level.


A track record of delivering ESG

Our proven track record on large-scale interventions and refurbishments, in addition to continually developing commercial property management and building consultancy skills, enable us to provide practical and commercially sound advice.

We are committed to meeting existing environmental targets and will grow with our clients’ own ESG aspirations, to meet what will be a challenging target.

Workman's ESG team helps clients to ensure that best practice is embraced, and current legislative requirements are met, alongside each clients’ own management objectives. We are working with clients now to embed asset plans - and whole portfolio guidance - to achieve net zero carbon buildings.