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Professional Services

Workman’s Building Consultancy team possess a range of technical experience and skills that mean there are a number of other services the can be provided:

Fire Insurance Valuations (FIVs)
Our approach is to be both accurate, for the valuations we are preparing, and informative in explaining how and why the figures have been calculated. Working with the online tool, Building Cost Information Service (BCIS), we are able to undertake Fire Insurance Valuations along with Uplift Assessments.

We also have experience with fire insurance reinstatement work varying from localised repairs to complete rebuilds, for example re-instatement of damaged properties following the Tottenham riots.

FIVs are often undertaken as part of a pre-acquisition exercise and included within the overall due diligence report at no extra cost.  FIVs can also be carried out either as a standalone exercise or commonly as part of a portfolio-wide instruction as a rolling programme to meet insurer’s requirements.

Party Wall Matters
Our knowledge of construction, statutory requirements and associated risks enables us to take a pragmatic approach to party wall and neighbour matters. 

The aim is to reach an agreement between the respective parties promptly supplementing this with the necessary documentation.

Our role can effectively be on either side of the fence - assisting with work being undertaken to a property owned by our appointing owner, or assisting our appointing owner where work is being carried out adjacent to their property, ie. Building Owners and Adjoining Owners.

Acting as Third Surveyor, crane oversail and scaffold licences are also areas we are able to assist with, as part of party wall matters or standalone instructions.


  • Disabled Audit Reports and Implementation of Recommendations – to highlight areas that discriminate against disabled members of the community and to propose modifications in keeping with the property and meet legislative requirements
  • Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution – acting as expert witness whereby a dispute has arisen and professional, impartial advice is required
  • Schedules of Condition – typically undertaken to record the condition of a property as part of a legal agreement or party wall and neighbour-related matters prior to work commencing.