News 20th July 2019 event

Benchmarking a property’s wellbeing performance helps with occupier engagement, retention, attraction and the asset’s overall investment performance. But what exactly is ‘it’, do you really need it, and if you do, how do you implement and measure it?

Earlier this month we invited guests to join us to discuss the issue at a seminar.

Fittingly, the event was hosted at Republic, a property managed by Workman and owned by Trilogy. This multi-occupied property at East India in London has undergone extensive refurbishment and has the wellbeing of occupiers at the heart of the management strategy.

The key drivers and investment performance

The event began with a thought-provoking presentation from Joanna Frank, President and CEO at the Centre for Active Design (CfAD) – the operator of Fitwel.

Joanna’s presentation was focused on the value of Fitwel for investors and occupiers, with some surprising statistics on the key drivers of the wellbeing trend and the impact that it can have on the investment performance.

Some of the key statistics and discussion points have been included in our event summary document which you can download here.

The Fitwel presentation

If you would like a copy of the Fitwel presentation please contact us.

The carefully curated panel

We carefully selected the Q&A panellists to provide the investor, manager and occupier perspectives to debate the issue of wellbeing in property, how to implement a wellbeing programme and the benefits of doing so.

The panel discussion was facilitated by Sarah Ratcliffe of the Better Buildings Partnership.

  • Ben Dickins, Asset Manager For APAM, provided the investor’s perspective. Ben is the Asset Manager for Arlington Business Park, the first in the UK to achieve Fitwel certification.
  • Liz Allister, Park Development Manager at the award-winning Birmingham Business Park provided an insight on the practicalities of implementing and managing a wellbeing programme and the results that a successful programme can deliver – particularly around occupier retention and the impact that positive PR has had on raising the park’s profile, attracting more occupiers.
  • James Pack, Managing Director of Integral Group gave us the occupier’s perspective of implementing the Fitwel standard. James and his colleagues successfully achieved Europe’s first Fitwel certification for their own office space back in 2017.

For more information on how to implement a wellbeing programme – and achieve certified Fitwel status – either at a single asset or across a portfolio please do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to help.

NICK HOBBS: Sustainability and Wellbeing Manager and  Fitwel Ambassador